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                    Welcome to my Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure Gallery

  Dual is a fun and interesting series combining the boy hero and the harem of girls who like him light comedy from Tenchi Muyo / El-Hazard with a lighter version of robot battles from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Comparisons can also be made between the characters of these shows and Dual. Mitsuki S. with Asuka of nge, D with Rei of nge, and Kazuki with Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo or Makoto from El-Hazard. The Dual characters being lighter and more comedic than the anguish ridden characters of NGE. The good character development, the interaction between them, and a good script makes it a fresh and enjoyable show. If you get a chance to watch it give it a go, you just might like it.

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Do to a reduction of free web space by Tripod .com I've had to remove some galleries , I've also removed the 800 x 600 wallpapers to reduce the site to under 20mb.


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