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Alice              Mena              Ryla

Alice Sharome        Mena Fitzgerald         Ryla Phoenix

Age: 19                                      Age: 17                                           Age: 18

Hobby: Reading manga               Hobby: Softball                               Hobby: Morning dry towel ritual

  These ladies are Mitsuki Rara's friends and bodyguards, they were in the Rara army until they switched sides because of Mitsuki Rara's being brainwashed to attack Kazuki. They're rather carefree about there job, but are more than happy to help Mitsuki get together with Kazuki from delivering a portion of her diary to him during battle to cornering him after they defect and telling him to take her out while giving him dating magazines. They also like to make some gentle fun of them from time to time. Alice is the oldest but is childish, Mena is the active type, and Ryla is the big sister type who has her act together.

Ayuko Rara Ayuko Rara

  In the real world Ayuko was the wife of Dr. Sanada and the mother of  Mitsuki Sanada until she left for parts unknown.

  In the parallel world she is the wife of Dr. Rara and the mother of Mitsuki Rara. She is the real power behind the Rara army and will do anything to win, including brainwashing her own daughter to get her to fight Kazuki in battle or kidnapping him and putting him naked in bed with her daughter to try to get something going between them to draw him into her web.

Special note: she likes fancy dresses and name brand clothing.