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AkaneAkane Yamano

Age: 38

  Akane is the U.N. inspector attached to the E.D.F. and she is a very by the book type of person. Her only concern is keeping the Rara  army from taking over the world. She likes commander Sanada but she keeps her feelings well hidden but at the end of the series they are a happily married couple.

Mrs. Nanjoin

Reika Nanjoin

  Mrs. Nanjoin handles the cultural aspects of the E.D.F. base and is the grandmother of Yayoi. She takes great pride in arranging marriage interviews for the ladies around the base, she has had only one failure to arrange a marriage. The interview she arranged for Yayoi and a son of an old family acquaintance was cancelled do to some skillful retreating on Kazuki's part so that she would not have to go through with the meeting. Yayoi was very happy about that.


Kaoru HayaseKaoru Hayase

Age: 25

Favorite food: Anmitsu

Hobby: Robot observation

  Miss Hayase is a very serious person and a top notch scientist working for the Rara army. She defected to the E.D.F. at the same time as Ryla, Mena, and Alice because of the brainwashing of Mitsuki R. She is her friend and is happy to see her get a boyfriend.

Special note: She is a robot freak like Kazuki.