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YayoiYayoi Schwael

Age: 23

Favorite food: Good Ramen

Hobbies: Reading fairy tales, being near Kazuki

  Assignment: Drill instructor, teacher

  Note: She was the first pilot of core robot #1

  When Kazuki first entered the parallel world he rescued Yayoi after she was wounded in battle. Since this time she has considered him her prince and has done everything she can to stay near him. To this end she has become his teacher at school, drill instructor in the E.D.F., and has moved next door to him installing a passage way from her bedroom to his much to Mitsuki's dismay.

Mitsuki RaraMs Ra

  Mitsuki Rara    /    Ms. Ra

Age: 21

Hobby: Visiting gardens

  Mitsuki Rara is the daughter of Dr. Rara and Ayuko Rara. She is a shy and quiet  person until she puts on her makeup and puts herself into a light trance to become Ms. Ra the spokesperson and field commander of the Rara army. She meets Kazuki in person after he was wounded in battle and she nurses him back to health. During this time she begins to have feelings for him and helps him escape the Rara army base. Later she is brainwashed to pilot HIMC against Kazuki in battle but he captures her and she moves into the commanders house. When Kazuki and Mitsuki Sanada are sent back to the real world she takes over piloting core robot #1 against the Rara army.

Note: She is Mitsuki Sanada's  counterpart in the parallel world.

Dr. Sanada  Ken Sanada

Age: 49

Favorite food: Sukiyaki (only the beef )

Hobby: Researching parallel worlds

  In the real world Dr. Sanada is Mitsuki's father and has invented a machine to send someone to the parallel world. He believes that Kazuki's visions proves his theories, and wants to send him there.

  In the parallel world he is the commander of the E.D.F. fighting the Rara army. In this world he has never married or had a daughter. He wants to finish the war and go back to researching parallel worlds.