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KazukiKazuki Yotsuga      

Age: 16

Favorite food: Curry with rice

Favorite late night snack: Ramen noodles

Hobbies: Robots, updating webpage, and surfing the internet

Pilot assignment: core robot #1 and later Jinbu / Zinv

Special skills: popularity with older women

   In the real world Kazuki is able to see the robot battles of the parallel world. He meets Mitsuki Sanada one day at school and she expresses an interest in his stories. After a few incidents with his class mates because he is walking with her she steers him to her home to meet her father Ken Sanada a scientist who specializes in parallel worlds. During some "testing" Kazuki is accidentally sent to the parallel world by Mitsuki. In the parallel world he saves Yayoi the first pilot of core robot #1 and joins the Earth defense forces taking her place at the controls of core robot #1.

Mitsuki Sanada

Mitsuki Sanada

Age: 17

Favorite food: Red pickled ginger

Hobby: Writing in her diary

Pilot assignment: Core robot #2

  After Mitsuki accidentally sends Kazuki to the parallel world  she is sent after him, but she arrives a month before he does. On arrival she meets the parallel worlds version of her father, who is the commander of the E.D.F. and becomes the pilot of core robot #2. After she returned to the parallel world when she and Kazuki was sent back to the real world she was captured by Ayuko Rara and brainwashed into piloting the Himc#2 in the last battle. She is a serious person at the beginning of the show but after living at the commander's house with Kazuki she starts to loosen up and her fun side starts to surface by the end of the series. She has feelings for Kazuki but has problems expressing them, because of this she gets a bit upset when first D moves in, Yayoi moves next door, and when Mitsuki Rara  moves in because of the competition for his attention.



Apparent Age: 14

Favorite food: Curry

Hobby: Waking up Kazuki in the morning.

                                        Pilot assignment: Core robot #3

  D is a bioroid, the body was cloned to house an alien consciousness recovered from an alien artifact. Her soul can be seen in her left eye. In the beginning she is more like a robot than a person, but as she interacts with Kazuki and the commander moves her into his house so that  she can be near him all of the time she begins to open up and near the end of the series becomes a real girl to save him.

Special note: D's body was made from the collected data from three previous experimental bioroids. D's body is imperfect but very stable, so Dr. Sanada ended the project with this model.